'74 Mercedes 450SL (24c)

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This low mileage, two family, long term California car has had a sympathetic cosmetic restoration by her fanatical second owner. With only 57,101 documented miles and maintenance records to confirm proper servicing she is in top mechanical condition to match her cosmetics. Included in the service dossier besides invoices for the usual oil changes and major services are those for new exhaust system, front suspension components, transmission service, new wheel bearing, brakes, air-conditioning service and recent premium Michelin tires. Also included is the complete owner’s manual packet.  ENJOY THE PHOTOS! (click to see the large version)

24c_26     24c_28

24c_i8     24c_i6

24c_i1     24c_e3

24c_e2     24c_e1

24c_i2     24c_27

24c_25     24c_24

24c_23     24c_22

24c_21     24c_20

24c_19     24c_18

24c_17     24c_16

24c_T4     24c_T3

24c_T2     24c_T1

24c_i20     24c_i19

24c_i18     24c_i17

24c_i16     24c_i15

24c_i14     24c_i13

24c_i12     24c_i11

24c_i10     24c_i9

24c_i7     24c_i5

24c_i4     24c_i3

24c_3     24c_3b

24c_5     24c_5a

24c_6     24c_6a

24c_7     24c_9

24c_10     24c_11

24c_12     24c_13

24c_14     24c_15

24c_i1     24c_i2

24c_i3     24c_1

Absolutely rust-free 450SL! Undercarriage photos follow:

24cU1     24cU2

24cU3     24cU4

24cU16     24cU15

24cU14     24cU21

24cU13     24cU12

24cU11     24cU10

24cU9    24cU5

24cU19    24cU20

24cU18    24cU17

24cU7    24cU6



Body Style:Convertible
Exterior Color:Dark Red
Interior Color:Tan
Stock Number:24c
VIN Number:10704412015164
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