Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to email or call ahead for an appointment since our various specialists work flexible hours are not always here during usual working hours.
Only for special situations and by appointment please.
It is surprisingly affordable and typically costs no more than a coast-to-coast move due to economies of scale. At the time of this writing a move such as this runs in the mid-teens.
There is no ‘best’ year. Each year and each series of car has its own strong points.
This is due to the misconception in the marketplace that the 280 is much faster or somehow improved over the older versions of the W113. They are all great cars.
The short answer: Speaking of top level restored cars only, theoretically it would, however in practice it usually does not. We will write more on this later.
It is almost impossible to determine the cost for a full restoration before actually performing the restoration. Generally on a car that has not been severely rusted or collision damaged a comprehensive (nearly every nut and bolt) restoration can consume between 2000 and 2500 shop hours. To this add the cost of parts, materials and outside services such as machine shop work and the skiving of leather.

Partial or “sympathetic” restorations are of course much less costly.

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