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Brian Peters

Brian Peters


Brian Peters, founder of Motoring Investments, is a true ‘car nut’ who came upon this passion honestly. His father, having completed automotive courses during high school in the early 40’s found himself working in “Motor Transport” during WWII with the Marine Corps.

Brian came along in the 50’s and got acquainted with wrenches and other tools in the early 60’s as apprentice to his dad while maintaining the family cars. Brian’s real automotive education began in the 70’s with the arrival of a very ‘used’ Sunbeam Alpine roadster which he was required to keep running if he was to have transportation in Canton, Ohio.

A degree in chemical technology from the University of Akron and a brief detour in the corporate world lead back to automobiles in 1978 when he took a job with a Saab and Ford dealership. The lure of the ‘car capital of the world’, Southern California, was too great and he left Ohio for San Diego in 1982. Here he found himself in paradise with collector cars on the road year round rather than stored away for an Ohio winter.

After three short years of acquainting himself with the collector car culture in California and he founded Motoring Investments in 1985.


I founded Motoring Investments in 1985 so that I could be involved with vintage and collectible European cars on a full time basis. Today we are quite well known for our work with vintage German, British and Italian automobiles. I can assist you with clearing that small funny foreign car from your barn to helping you build a world class automobile collection. I am always on the look out for especially original, rust free, low mileage cars.

1948 Ford F2

We perform restorations and service on classic, collector & vintage cars and offer showroom sales in San Diego, California. In our showroom we specialize in especially original motorcars from the warm, dry Southwestern United States. We ship cars all over the world at very reasonable rates. Let me know what I can do for you!


Authenticity – we are caretakers only of these products of past generations’ labor, thought, planning, capital, intelligence and engineering. This effort should be respected and its fruit should not be squandered or sullied. Their legacy preserved, these artifacts can impart understanding of a past era to future generations who experience them.

We strive to maintain these motorcars as authentically and correct to the original manufacturer’s specification as possible. In adding our contribution to this legacy we will always describe these automobiles to the best of our ability. Due to the passion we possess and having done this for so long this ability should indeed be substantial.


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  • “Thank-you very much for all the extreme effort you put into the preparation of my Mercedes and the final delivery. The car was exactly as described by yourself and very fairly priced considering the condition of the car. As a matter of interest, the appraisal company refers to the car’s condition as “concourse`. I cannot remember a previous business transaction that impressed me more. My very best regards,”-Gordon (Bought 1958 Mercedes Benz 220S)
  • “I realized after looking at your site that I’ve never written to tell you how satisfied I’ve been doing business with you the past five years. Through four transactions you’ve always acted with integrity, fairness and with a huge well of expertise. Thanks again for the business; I’ll bet we do some more one of these days.”-Brian M (Bought 911SC and TR6)


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Alan Usher's show winning 1958 190SL

2008 Laguna Beach International 190 SL Group Convention Concours d’ Elegance

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