Ford Cortina Mk1 1964 - SOLD, Thanks Frankie!

Ford Cortina Mk1 1964 - SOLD, Thanks Frankie!

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Can there possibly be a cleaner, more honest, rust-free and stock Cortina Mk 1 in this Universe? I realize there are some very nicely restored Lotus Cortinas out there, as well as some Cortina GTs and some very nice fake Lotuses. Something tells me it is highly unlikely that there is another bench seat, 4 speed on the column Mk 1 this nice. If there is, someone please let me know about it!

I purchased this car for my own use back in 2011 because ‘Cortina’ was on my “bucket list”. Remarkably, much of the car is ORIGINAL (including most of the PAINT!). The peripheral mechanicals and some of the cosmetics were restored before my purchase (have a look at the photos of the undercarriage!). It had been stored for a time before I received it so my technicians went through it so that it would be absolutely reliable so that my wife and I could tour in it. It has been my occasional daily driver and needs nothing – just get in and go!

Based upon discussions with the past owner, the shop which performed the maintenance and objective observations (upholstery, pedal wear, etc.) it appears that she has only been driven 33,654 actual miles.

NOTE: See more description and history below the photos…
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Ford_Cortina_1962_ext17     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext16

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext15     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext14

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext13     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext12

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext11     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext10

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext9     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext8

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext6     Ford_Cortina_1962_rf_carr_house_full

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext15     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext14

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext13     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext12

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext11     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext10

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext9     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext8

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext6     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext1

Ford_Cortina_1962_int2     Ford_Cortina_1962_int4

 Ford_Cortina_1962_int5     Ford_Cortina_1962_gauges

Ford_Cortina_1962_int_light     Ford_Cortina_1962_manual

Ford_Cortina_1962_int6     Ford_Cortina_1962_int7

Ford_Cortina_1962_int1     Ford_Cortina_1962_ipanp

Ford_Cortina_1962_int14     Ford_Cortina_1962_ipdashpad-close

Ford_Cortina_1962_int12     Ford_Cortina_1962_int8

Ford_Cortina_1962_int15     Ford_Cortina_1962_int13

Ford_Cortina_1962_int11     Ford_Cortina_1962_oeng2

Ford_Cortina_1962_eng2     Ford_Cortina_1962_eng1

Ford_Cortina_1962_eng_id2     Ford_Cortina_1962_eng_id

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext20     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext19

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext18     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext7

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext5     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext4

Ford_Cortina_1962_ext3     Ford_Cortina_1962_ext7

Ford_Cortina_1962_trunkCU4     Ford_Cortina_1962_trunkCU3

Ford_Cortina_1962_trunkCU1    Ford_Cortina_1962_trunkCU

Ford_Cortina_1962_trunk_lid    Ford_Cortina_1962_tools

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0146     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0145

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0144     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0143

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0142     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0141

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0140     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0137

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0136     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0134

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0132      Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0130 Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0129     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0127

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0126     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0125

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0124     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0123

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0122     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0121

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0120     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0119

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0117     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0116

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0115     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0114

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0112     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0111

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0110     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0108

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0107     Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0106

Ford_Cortina_1962_DSC_0105 Ford_Cortina_1962_UC6
Here is a list of the main things that were done in our workshops:

1) Drain old fuel and purge lines
2) New fuel filter & battery
3) Bleed brakes & clutch hydraulics
4) Re-core radiator, replace all hoses, thermostat & cap
5) Adjust valves, replace valve cover gasket
6) Rebuild carburettor
7) Rebuild rear brake wheel cylinders
8) Rebuild clutch complete, including hydraulics
9) Replace the seat backrest cap upholstery (retaining the original seating surface upholstery)
10) Replace front crankshaft seal
11) Install new center muffler

Trips we’ve done in “Tina”:
1) Temecula, CA wine tasting
2) Alpine, CA Alpine Brewery beer tasting
3) Pine Valley, CA Tenth anniversary photo shoot

You don’t even want to think about what it would cost to duplicate this car in a professional restoration shop.

Body Style:Sedan
Transmission:4-speed manual
Condition:Investment Grade
Location:San Diego
Engine:OHV In-line FOUR
Exterior Color:Factory Lime Green
Interior Color:Green/Gray
Stock Number:AA101
VIN Number:Z73B518897
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