1969 Mercedes 280SL - SOLD, Thanks George!

1969 Mercedes 280SL - SOLD, Thanks George!

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(photos taken in various lighting conditions)

In a time where recent appreciation has brought cars to market with descriptions of various levels of accurateness it is wonderful to stumble upon an example for which it can be objectively demonstrated to be what it is purported to be. Certainly it is refreshing to see hyperbole kept in check and nonsensical terms such as “all original, just restored,” absent. And I wish I had a dollar for every car I looked at which was described as being low miles but which has already had replacement upholstery, (sometimes 20 years ago!) which brings us to our subject car.

Essentially a one owner car(more accurately ‘one family’ due to probate) with air-tight provenance (of which even the original, cancelled check which was written for the car in 1969 is present). Includes the original owner’s book packet, warranty plate, service record portfolio and even the radio delete plate for the dash!

The original seats, carpet, door panels, dash and wood all support her 55,000 original miles! Nearly “time-machine” original and sympathetically serviced in our workshops to be ready for tours or pleasure driving. This authentic example has not suffered at the hands of the inexperienced or those looking for a quick profit and will be a welcome addition to any portfolio or collection. She still has 100% of her original factory undercoating and even traces of the shipping Cosmoline (seen as the root-beer colored areas underneath). Please scroll all the way to the right of the photo slideshow to see those of the original, rust-free undercarriage.

Vintage automobiles like this one which can back up the descriptions made about them are as “rare as feathers on octopi.” – Brian


12c_1     12c_2

12c_2a     12c_3

12c_4     12c_5

12c_6     12c_8

12c_9     12c_10

12c_11     12c_12

12c_13     12c_14

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12c_25     12c_26

12c_27     12c_i1

12c_i2     12c_i3

12c_i4     12c_i5

12c_i6     12c_i712c_i8     12c_i9

12c_i10     12c_i11

12c_i12     12c_i13

12c_i13a     12c_j1

12c_j2     12c_j3

12c_j4     12c_j5

12c_j6     12c_j14

12c_U1     12c_U2

12c_U3     12c_U4

12c_U5     12c_U6

12c_U7     12c_U8

12c_U9     12c_U10

12c_U11     12c_U12

12c_U13     12c_U14




Body Style:Convertible
Transmission:4-spd Automatic
Stock Number:12c
VIN Number:11304412006316
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