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The “King car” aka, “Kingsley” will be going to her new home soon!

Our consignment client said, “I’m out of garage space – get me a real offer and I’ll sell this wonderful Mercedes which I’ve carefully maintained for the last 9 years.”

Go to this car’s dedicated page on our website:

coming soon…!

In Appreciation of Originality

We all appreciate cosmetic perfection, yet there is something to be said for an artifact of human craftsmanship which has survived for five decades or longer, mostly in its original state. Many of us, in our rush to buy the shiny and new – end up buying something which is merely a replica of what the manufacturer originally produced. In many cases, a vendor or other seller, in their rush to meet the typical buyer’s demands, places a cosmetic veneer over a degraded foundational structure or compromised mechanicals.

Human nature being what it is, we tend to seek the lowest price. We try to make comparisons of like-kind but once we get out of our own field of specialty, we are unqualified and can make large errors. Comparing various shiny [...]

Five world-class Mercedes W113 Pagodas

I hope everyone is healthy and staying home as directed by their government so COVID-19 can run its course with the least casualties. I’m [...]

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