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This vintage racing 100-6 (modified) is now live on Bring A Trailer (BaT). Ends Saturday the 9th at 11:00a.m. Pacific time.

Austin-Healey live on Bringatrailer! Here is a quick video on the discovery and walkaround of the Austin-Healey 100-6: As well as a conversation detailing the car’s history with the owner/driver of 50 years:

A YouTube like will take place on Thursday at 1pm Pacific time to do a live walkaround as well as answer any questions in real time you might have or that may be raised when viewing the vehicle! You can subscribe to our YouTube channel here:

The Final W113.

In the summer of 2010, Mercedes Benz took ownership of what was officially the final build of the famous Pagoda SL line. At the time of acquiring the vehicle, the Mercedes Benz Classic Center had no idea they were in possession of the final 280SL ever, but when they realized it, they gave the precious Pagoda the full restoration it deserved. The vehicle now sits in the Mercedes Benz museum, well guarded – likely due to it’s “potentially addictive” properties, in the words of Mercedes. Be that as it may, this Pagoda SL with the vehicle identification number 113.044-10-023885, is the last in a long line of an enthusiastic models that captured the hearts of many. It has been sent to pasture (image below related) and will likely reside in the halls of the Mercedes Benz museum for the remainder of its days.

Now listed on Motoring Investments!

Recently we had the opportunity to acquire a Mercedes W113, but when we found this 280SL, she came with a bit more lore than expected. When we first stumbled upon the car we found it hidden away in a Southern California garage. Subsequently it arrived to our facilities to a bit of fanfare given the car’s illustrious former-owner. We have compiled a video on the discovery and delivery of the forty year old Pagoda to our shop in the following video:

The Signal Red Mercedes 280SL is verified as a car once possessed by the Dominelli’s, which is a name that cemented itself and J. David’s infamous legacy in San Diego history as one of the preeminent financial gurus turned-Ponzi-Schemer in modern history. Dominelli’s main source of [...]

Is on BringaTrailer auction site and ending in about 40 minutes! Don’t miss it!

V8-Powered 1961 MG MGA Roadster

Coming soon! Fantastic project, runs and it’s waiting just for you!! Stay tuned.

Our rescue kitten has claimed this Alfa for himself stay tune for further updates on the saga of the kitty and the Alfa spider.

A fellow’s very nice Pagoda had developed an intermittent noise from underneath and after attempts from several local shops did not resolve it, he reached out to us. Not far from where the 2019 Pagoda Fest was held three weeks ago, our team made a side expedition to his garage to bring the car back to our shop. Several days after investigation and minor repairs, we returned his car. After he had a chance to drive it on a quiet Saturday, this is what he wrote:

““Ok!!!!! Drove car today. You fixed it!!!! It’s great. Thanks so much, u r genius.”

U r welcome Bill!

Our Hoyt Special was featured on the Journal!

Scratch-built 1961 Hoyt Special


Now $29,999 – First come – First served!

1952 Porsche 356 Heuer Gläser Cabriolet chassis 12305

Re: 1952 356 Heuer Gläser Cabriolet project

We have located a very rare (and correct for this car) type 527 roller crank motor, available for restoration along with the car to assure the end product is authentic in every way! Restorers well versed in these cars are lining up to restore it for the eventual new owner.

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