The Penultimate W113 ‘Pagoda’

The Final W113.

In the summer of 2010, Mercedes Benz took ownership of what was officially the final build of the famous Pagoda SL line. At the time of acquiring the vehicle, the Mercedes Benz Classic Center had no idea they were in possession of the final 280SL ever, but when they realized it, they gave the precious Pagoda the full restoration it deserved. The vehicle now sits in the Mercedes Benz museum, well guarded – likely due to it’s “potentially addictive” properties, in the words of Mercedes. Be that as it may, this Pagoda SL with the vehicle identification number 113.044-10-023885, is the last in a long line of an enthusiastic models that captured the hearts of many. It has been sent to pasture (image below related) and will likely reside in the halls of the Mercedes Benz museum for the remainder of its days.

The full Mercedes journal entry on this car can be found here

The Big Sister

At Motoring Investments, we had heard tales of the Final Pagoda in Mercedes’ hands. As luck would have it, we’ve stumbled upon it’s bigger sister of maybe an hour or so. The 280SL with the vehicle identification number 113.044-10-023884 currently resides in our showroom as the latest commercially available Pagoda on the market. Upon procurement of the penultimate model we have treated her much the same as her baby sister with a full restoration.

VIN 113.044-10-023884 on the door panel
VIN 113.044-10-023884 on the publicly displayed dashboard VIN

She is an exquisite example of the 280SL model line. Finished with a Blue-on-blue interior/exterior, the engine has been rebuilt, and the 280SL is in the final stages of being brought up to factory condition. We have done our best to preserve the heritage with the utmost care and attention to detail in this restoration as it is without a doubt a piece of history deserving of such. Below are images of the car as it currently stands in our showroom, with its potentially addictive properties waiting for the next owner to take the reigns.

The ride on the 280SL is known as one of the more smooth and laid-back experiences, where in our home state of California, it’s roadster qualities reigned supreme back in the era of the California Cruiser. A daily driver or a weekend warrior for whomever finds themselves fortunate enough to be in possession of a Pagoda, which grows rarer by the day as time rolls on.

There are a few details to be sorted before being truly ready for final delivery after its sale, however it is nevertheless a specimen which we are proud to offer at this time. As a piece of automotive history we are proud to offer this car in our lineup and hope that when some lucky soul takes her home that she is given the utmost care she deserves. As the car begins its final phase of restoration we will keep the public up to date on this progress. Please reach out to us via email to or by phone at 1-619-238-1977 for more information.


  • Brian Peters| October 22, 2022 at 8:53 am

    Thank you for the kind words!

  • Joseph Guthrie| October 12, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    This Mercedes is a treasure. Truly world class and very desirable. Thank you for sharing and for what you are doing to preserve the vehicle.

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