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Mercedes 380SL 1984

Two family survivor w/79k miles

This is an all original preservation car from San Diego California. Even the paint, optional leather and spare tire are original! Two family survivor w/79k miles!!

Mercedes 230SL 1967

California rust-free car

Authentic, investment quality Pagoda with provenance.

Price just lowered from $99,500 for this investment quality Pagoda!

In the World War II era, women in the military were much more rare than today. When one considers a Japanese-American woman who had previously spent time in an internment camp then later joined The U.S. Army Nurse Corps and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, the word “rare” does not seem strong enough.

Our subject car was a showroom display car sold by Mercedes dealer European Motors LTD in San Francisco on Jan, 5, 1967 to Major Ruth Tanaka who served at that time at Letterman Hospital. The car stayed in the Tanaka family until 2004 when the second owner purchased it from their agent. A running restoration was started in 2006 with new paint, carpets, and leather. The second owner went to great lengths to obtain the most correct and authentic [...]

’74 Mercedes 450SL (24c)

Rust-Free, Outstanding R107 convertible!

This low mileage, two family, long term California car has had a sympathetic cosmetic restoration by her fanatical second owner. With only 57,101 documented miles and maintenance records to confirm proper servicing she is in top mechanical condition to match her cosmetics. Included in the service dossier besides invoices for the usual oil changes and major services are those for new exhaust system, front suspension components, transmission service, new wheel bearing, brakes, air-conditioning service and recent premium Michelin tires. Also included is the complete owner’s manual packet.  ENJOY THE PHOTOS! (click to see the large version)

24c_2624c_26     24c_28

1968 Mercedes 250SL (22c)

Rarest of the W113 Pagodas! stk #22c

Includes both tops, air-conditioning and optional kinderseat.

22c_st222c_st2             22c_b22c_b

22c_b222c_b2             22c_bp

1962 MGB

This is the 36th MGB made!

This fully restored MGB is the 36th built out of 390,000 cars! Of the first 36 it is believed that only 6 survive.

Click on a photo to see its full size version.

25c_1325c_13     25c_725c_7


Scroll down to see ALL the photos and click on any photo to see its large version.

Full frame off restoration completed in 2014 by Frank Monise Motors in Montclair, California w/receipts included.  Along with the comprehensive mechanical rebuilding she received a Hi-Gear Engineering Type 9 gearbox and front sway bar upgrade so she can actually stay up with modern traffic on the freeway and on a twisty road. Numbers matching and a joy to drive! Everything is dialed in and working properly.

The photos were taken in varying light conditions in order to capture various attributes. Undercarriage photos are at the bottom.

27c_TD_127c_TD_1     27c_TD_36

1989 560SL

A virtual Originality Guide for 560SL cars.
Image of world class Mercedes 560SL

Note: Please scroll down for all photos including those of the undercarriage. Click on a photo to see the full size version(& click on that to see it even larger).
(photos taken in various lighting conditions)

Investment quality, final year 560SL. This car could serve as an Originality Guide for the R107 560SL series. Note: original owner had the factory wheels chromed and added the European spec lights. It would be easy to go back to totally stock configuration.

Image of world class Mercedes 560SLImage of world class Mercedes 560SL     Image, blue leather interior, original Mercedes 560SL

1969 Mercedes 280SL – SOLD, Thanks Ed!

Fully Restored to concours level stk #20c
Describing this Pagoda:

This genuine 57,500 mile 280SL has been restored to perfection by its last obsessive owner. Pagoda enthusiasts are found in two basics camps: ‘survivor’ aficionados and ‘perfectionists’. This car was formerly in hands of the latter (obviously). She has never been rusted, is all matching numbers, has all original floorboards & factory undercoat (remarkable), has a perfect trunk floor (where even dry-climate cars typically rust) and even two sets of factory wheels! All of her documentation is in place, she has all of her ‘Correctness Markers’ (notches, spot-welds, body numbers) and is a four-time show winner! On top of all this her manual 4-speed makes her a real drivers car!

Click to view this car’s Originality, Authenticity and Correctness details!


1969 Mercedes 280SL – SOLD, Thanks George!

One family car, dk blue w/parchment stk #12c

Note: Please scroll down for all photos in a gallery format. Click on a photo to see the full size version.
(photos taken in various lighting conditions)

In a time where recent appreciation has brought cars to market with descriptions of various levels of accurateness it is wonderful to stumble upon an example for which it can be objectively demonstrated to be what it is purported to be. Certainly it is refreshing to see hyperbole kept in check and nonsensical terms such as “all original, just restored,” absent. And I wish I had a dollar for every car I looked at which was described as being low miles but which has already had replacement upholstery, (sometimes 20 years ago!) which brings us to our subject car.

Essentially a one owner car(more accurately ‘one family’ due to probate) with air-tight provenance (of which even the original, cancelled check which was written for the [...]

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