This photo is 3735x2450pix & approx 1.3MB
6000pix wide & 3.37MB {WP scaled it to 2560X1440 and the resulting file was 223MG, so it seems there is no point in uploading filesbehond 2560 pix wide as WP scales ’em anyway and they end up tiny file sizes)
Before upload, sized to 2560pix at 100 percent resolution in iRfanview in folder it is 1.5MB oddly, here in WP it is 2MB
Before upload, sized to 2560pix at 80 percent resolution in iRfanview. Both in folder and here it is 243kb. Observe the difference in a browser, esp by zoom in and out… (I don’t see any difference – bp) I think we should pre-size everything going up to WP at 2560 pix wide, and maybe use 85 or 90% in the iRfanview save.

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