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We offers showroom sales in San Diego, California. In our showroom we specialize in especially original motorcars from the warm dry Southwestern United States. We ship cars all over the world at very reasonable rates. See our Virtual Showroom


1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

We assist you with clearing that small funny foreign car from your barn to helping you build a world class automobile collection. I am always on the look out for especially original, rust free, low mileage cars. Let me know what I can do for you. More details



Motoring Investments performs complete restorations and service on classic, collector and vintage sports cars. We are quite well known for our work with vintage German, British and Italian automobiles. More details



While the majority of the cars on offer are wholly owned by ourselves, we do accept select consignments based upon the quality and rarity of the car. In many cases we assist our clients in the purchase of a car by taking part of the collection on consignment. More details

Mercedes 280SL Buyer’s Guide


Originality is king when it comes to vintage cars. Not only does finding a 40ish year old car that has not been altered by numerous past owners add your enjoyment of the car; the more original features that you can substantiate the better when it comes time to sell your treasure. More details

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