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Essentially a one family car from Portola Valley, California, this 250SL was purchased from Mercedes dealership Autohaus Brugger in Redwood City. The owner and family matriarch was an equestrian and maintenance was performed by her physicist husband before passing the car to their son when she stopped driving due to age.

The longtime owner, the family matriarch and an equestrian, loved the car as her daily transportation whether she was hauling a bale of hay in the trunk or going about her daily chores, hair flying in the wind and red leather driving gloves grasping the steering wheel. Her eccentric physicist husband performed maintenance on the car. She loved it so much that when he suggested the car was getting old and she should get a new one, she exclaimed, “If it stops running, I will push it.”

Her son told us the story of when his 16-year-old, older brother, told their mother he [...]

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The original owner was a centenarian who cared for it until his passing. Now it is with our client who reluctantly has offered it to the next caretaker. We provided much of the servicing and reconditioning. We will also provide support for the transfer to the next owner on behalf of our seller.

Photos Interior Trunk Details

What a treasure to find a long-term single owner California car in unsullied condition with what definitely looks like 67,000 actual miles on this Mercedes Benz 280SL. Backing this up are the all-original upholstery, wood, and carpet. Underneath we find untouched factory-original undercoating. She’s never been rusted. The gaps are great. The headlight notches are intact. The sides are as straight as an arrow. The paint is lustrous and beautiful. In short, there is only everything to like here. If you’ve been looking for an automatic ‘71 model, this could definitely be it.


Inquiries can be made by contacting us at or (619) 238-1977



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Test Drive Photos Exterior


Hard Top Interior – Original Cognac upholstery



Crucial to any Mercedes Benz 280SL




Engine [dealership_name Motoring Investments] [dealership_address [...]

Mercedes Benz 560SL Nautical Blue

Nautical Blue with Palomino Interior

Determining value on a 560SL – Certainly, there are super low mileage examples available. However, odometer readings are not the only driver of value. First, one must look at the car and logically make the determination that the condition the car matches the odometer reading. Has the upholstery already been renewed? If so, one can draw their own conclusions and one should be skeptical of history reports. Automated reports can miss things and odometers are known to fail.

From here, one should be aware that with all collector cars, the more original the better. Top modern collectibles (560’s) are essentially “all original,” meaning they are still wearing their original paint and have their original upholstery. Obviously, there has never been a crash or repair to the body. In the real world this is rare – and why highly original examples sell for the highest prices. This particular example has been confirmed by expert in-person [...]

2021 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus

Included with Full Self-Driving software - Immediate Shipment Available


This 2021 Tesla Model X with Long Range Plus includes a 7-seater interior, was used this past year at our client’s winter home in Palm Springs, CA. The color is ‘Deep Blue Metallic’ and the interior package is the cream with oak wood décor. This car is essentially like new. Given the Premium Upgrades Package upon purchase, the Tesla comes with autopilot drive and includes the Full Self-Driving software. As standard for the Tesla Model X, it includes 2 electric motors with regenerative braking and microprocessor-controlled Lithium-Ion batteries.

All necessary items such as the home charger, charging adapters, towing hitch (5000lb max rated), and key function without issue, and come included with the Tesla branded baggage. All cameras, displays, and sentry mode functions are operational as well. It is exactly what you would expect from the Car of the Future, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, on-board navigation [...]

280SL Mercedes Benz 906 Blue (1971)

Restored just 3 years ago
Description Recently Restored 906G Blue and Parchment 280SL

Our client spent $126,053 having us complete the restoration on this beautiful 906 blue over parchment leather 1971 280SL. Purchased new in warm and dry Fresno California, she spent most of her time at our client’s second home in Palm Springs, California.

A turnkey car which spent a year and a half in our care having essentially all systems freshened; she is ready to go to her next caretaker with full confidence.

Upgrades include progressive rate road springs and sway bars from SL guru, John Olson, lighting, and audio system.


Inquiries can be made by contacting us at or (619) 238-1977


Walkaround Video

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Photos 906G 280SL Exterior – Topless 906G Exterior – Soft Top


Parchment Interior




Engine – Recently Restored Cad Plating [...]
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This low mileage Pagoda was purchased new at Mercedes’ factory store in Hollywood California. A life-long California car with records showing she’s been well serviced; she has spent the last 20 years, cherished and garage kept on a eucalyptus grove in Temecula. This is exactly how we like to find our cars!

With a smooth overhead cam, in-line six engine mated to a four-speed manual gearbox, she’s a joy to drive on country roads or a wonderful partner to consume freeway miles in stride.

Whether as a top-down roadster, with soft top up or hard top in place for that elegant Pagoda coupe look, she garners admiring glances wherever she goes.


Inquiries can be made by contacting us at or (619) 238-1977


As a roadster:






Soft Top







1971 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda with Original Paint – 4-speed transmission

1971 Mercedes 280SL Pagoda with Original Paint

A 55,400 mile textbook Preservation Car, featured on episode no. 70 of Hagerty’s Barn Find Hunter (Here), featuring Tom Cotter. This original Virginia Mercedes 280SL was purchased by a new car dealer in a 30-car package of barn find cars and was subsequently purchased by an enthusiast. This individual had Gus Kidonakis at Beverly Hill Motors in Houston to do an $80,000 preservation in preparing it for the road after its decades-long storage. You might ask, “How could someone possibly spend $80k addressing storage-related items?” We have all the receipts! The enthusiast, our client, found his situation changing and we acquired the car and now offer it to its next long-term caretaker. It is turnkey ready for the road and is among a very limited number of mostly original W113 Pagodas. Certainly, with something like 85 to 90% original paint, this car is in rare company indeed. This might be the holy grail of original [...]

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Imagine an automobile which is arguably the best year of the platform’s production run (more on that later) * and, after 55 years, is still under the same ownership.

*1967 spelled the end of the era when cars were designed and built for enthusiasts without the government looking over the shoulders of engineers. After 1967 became the era of emissions, safety regulations and, as labor costs advanced, rigorous cost cutting measures in manufacture, read ‘cheapening’. Note, this car is titled as a ’68 even though it left the factory in ’67 – an artifact of our DMV system.

Let us build this car to your vision … Note: Sold – completion photos follow:

Soft Top

As Roadster






Outdoor Shots


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