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Rare W109 Mercedes!


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  • W109 1967 Mercedes 300SEL in #158 white-gray
  • W109 1967 Mercedes 300SEL in #158 white-gray

1967 300SEL – A true preservation level car with all original interior including her Makassar ebony wood trim and Roser leather upholstery, all holding up wonderfully. Of the already rare W109 chassis cars, only those made between 1965 and 1967 came with the M189* all-alloy engine. With just 2,365 produced during this period, this is the rarest variant.

Fully serviced including ice-cold A/C and highly advanced for-the-time pneumatic-suspension.

67,448 and counting actual miles.

*This is essentially the same engine as used in the late series 300SL roadster (the sister car to the  Gullwing)

W109 1967 Mercedes 300SEL in #158 white-gray     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-7

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-11     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-3

eng3     int wood2

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-14     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-13

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-10     RF_detail

RR_detail     ext det 2

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-6     interior-wood1

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-8     int-panel1

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-9     int-panel2

leather-seat2     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-12

leather-seat1     leather-seat3

int-wood     int wood

int-footwell     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-10

1967-Mercedes-300SEL-2     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-4

eng3     eng2

under3     under2

Under1     1967-Mercedes-300SEL-5

Thank you Bob Waldman for these great photos!

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