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Fully Restored MGTF


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  • Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage
  • Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage

Scroll down to see ALL the photos and click on any photo to see its large version.

Full frame off restoration completed in 2014 by Frank Monise Motors in Montclair, California w/receipts included.  Along with the comprehensive mechanical rebuilding she received a Hi-Gear Engineering Type 9 gearbox and front sway bar upgrade so she can actually stay up with modern traffic on the freeway and on a twisty road. Numbers matching and a joy to drive! Everything is dialed in and working properly.

The photos were taken in varying light conditions in order to capture various attributes. Undercarriage photos are at the bottom.

27c_TD_1     27c_TD_36

27c_TD_3     27c_TD_7

27c_TD_35     27c_TD_34

27c_TD_33     27c_TD_32

27c_TD_31     27c_TD_30

27c_TD_29     27c_TD_28

27c_TD_27     27c_TD_26

27c_TD_25     27c_TD_24

27c_TD_23     27c_TD_22

27c_TD_21     27c_TD_20

27c_TD_19     27c_TD_18

27c_TD_17     27c_TD_16

27c_TD_15      27c_TD_14

27c_TD_13     27c_TD_12

27c_TD_11     27c_TD_10

27c_TD_9     27c_TD_8

27c_TD_7     27c_TD_38

27c_TD_37     27c_TD_36

27c_TD_2     27c_TD_5

27c_TD_4     Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage

MGTF-floorboard-restored     MG-floorboards

Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-13     Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-12

Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-11    Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-10

Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-9     Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-8

Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-5     Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-4

Restored-MGTF-Undercarriage-3     mgtf-undercarriage-restored


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