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1969 Mercedes 280SL – SOLD, Thanks Ed!

Fully Restored to concours level stk #20c



(+TAX for CA resident)Sold

Describing this Pagoda:

This genuine 57,500 mile 280SL has been restored to perfection by its last obsessive owner. Pagoda enthusiasts are found in two basics camps: ‘survivor’ aficionados and ‘perfectionists’. This car was formerly in hands of the latter (obviously). She has never been rusted, is all matching numbers, has all original floorboards & factory undercoat (remarkable), has a perfect trunk floor (where even dry-climate cars typically rust) and even two sets of factory wheels! All of her documentation is in place, she has all of her ‘Correctness Markers’ (notches, spot-welds, body numbers) and is a four-time show winner! On top of all this her manual 4-speed makes her a real drivers car!

Click to view this car’s Originality, Authenticity and Correctness details!

20c_1 20c_3

20c_2 20c_4

20c_nw2 20c_nw8

20c_nw1 20c_nw6

20c_nw7 20c_nw3

20c_nw5 20c_nw4

20c_htbl 20c_htbr

20c_dcp 20c_pcp2

20c_d2 20c_c

20c_mc 20c9intpanp

20c10 20c13

20cU_ft 20cU4

20cU6 20cU3


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