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An authentic example which will be a welcome addition to your stable

1962 MGB

This is the 36th MGB made!


(+TAX for CA resident)Sold

This fully restored MGB is the 36th built out of 390,000 cars! Of the first 36 it is believed that only 6 survive.

Click on a photo to see its full size version.

25c_13     25c_7

25c_15     25c_2

Trophies_orig                 HeritageCertificate(a)

25c_5     25c_4

25c_11     25c_10

25c_14     25c_18

25c_19     25c_16

25c_21     25c_22

25c_6     25c_7

25c_9     25c_8

25c_13     25c_12

25c_3     25c_29

25c_27     25c_26

25c_25     25c_28

25c_17     25c_12

25c_35     25c_31

25c_37     25c_36

25c_42     25c_41

25c_34     25c_40

25c_39     25c_38

25c_33     25c_32


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