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1952 Porsche 356 Heuer Gläser Cabriolet chassis 12305

Re: 1952 356 Heuer Gläser Cabriolet project

We have located a very rare (and correct for this car) type 527 roller crank motor, available for restoration along with the car to assure the end product is authentic in every way! Restorers well versed in these cars are lining up to restore it for the eventual new owner.

Everyone, please be on the lookout for Steve Livelsberger’s stolen black 914/6 race car and white enclosed trailer. These were stolen in southern California from the shoulder of I 15 near Norco southbound side recently after two tires blew out during the transit home from Willow Springs.

Description: Black 914/6 conversion with Sheridan body (Ultimate 914). Vin number: 4752922908. 3.4L six, Weber 46’s. Engine number 64C3872.

The trailer is a white Calen with unique features: double door left side, elevated ramps for car to facilitate exit of car within trailer by opening car door.

Trailer California license plate number: 4BO9640




on Mercedes 280SL's

This one is now: $99,500

This one is now: $125,000

This one is now: $149,000

This one is now: $159,000

Please see our inventory page for details.

After building our new modern website many folks lamented the passing of the old site since they had used it as a 280SL reference  tool. Well I am happy to announce that our old site is back up as an archive. You will find the link on our new site on the top right of your screen labeled as: “OUR OLD SITE”.


Photos of Our Past Restorations

Request: Gray-Beige/beige & Blue metallic/red 280SL's

“Hello Brian,

This is ‘B’ from Slovakia. First of all I would like to tell you that we appreciate particullary you restoration. We are restoring one 280 SL W113 acctually in finale phase and we appreciated the examples from your restoration whitch you published on your old website it was very helpfull for us. I would like to know if there some possibility to have or to see the details photos from blue ligth metalic (interier red) and brown light (with interier beige) SL W113 ( before, during and after the restioration).Thank you very much for your answer Best regards


Thank you for your note. On our site, if you go to “Portfolio/Sold Cars” then click on the line: “1969 280SL, restored” which is below the photo it will take you to the photos of the Gray-Beige car that we restored.

We still have yet to re-post the photos of the silver-blue/red car aka: [...]

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